Learning opportunities



A Super Natural Feminine Beauty Course taps into the rising feminine waters within us, just as the Hotspring Waters rise from the Earth's core. This course is inspired by ancestral gatherings at sacred Hotsprings, where sisters, mothers, grandmothers, and aunties came together to share in the warmth and potency of these healing waters, softening even the most rigid edges.


Wrap up the year in an aligned way by getting clear on your values and moral compass. Reflect on your year and make changes according to your value system and tap into your Vision and North Star. This course took place live on December 18th and you can now watch at your own pace through the recording!


Wellthspring is a formula for prosperity, regeneration, and a constant state of renewal. It draws from Indigenous worldviews where humans and nature are interconnected, thriving together as parts of a whole.

Last year, I received the insight that “2023 was the year of the Wellspring.” While I had some understanding of what that meant, I could not have anticipated how profoundly it would manifest and transform into a powerful offering for continuous growth.