Who Is Jilly Torrez?

Jilly’s journey began amidst the sprawling landscapes of a California ranch, where her deep connection to nature took root. Raised in this nurturing environment, she developed an early affinity for the spiritual and ancestral teachings that would shape her path in life. Her work and style found their origins in these formative years, and this is where she shaped what she likes to call her “Water Lense.” Recognizing the need to disrupt the system from within, and do something meaningful she saw an opportunity that led her to the sacred mission of Hydrated Entrepreneurship. Through her journey Jilly has had the privilege to empower over 45 individuals worldwide on their paths to creating 6-figure businesses.  

Why Choose Jilly Torrez?

What truly sets Jilly apart is not her own personal achievements, but the devotion that she has to bringing out the best in the people she invest her time with. Working with Jilly will allow you to discover your birthright through building generational wealth in the sacred mission of entrepreneurship.

Here's what makes Jilly unique:

Water Wisdom: Jilly's deep connection with nature, fostered by her California ranch upbringing, fuels her unique perspective on water's role in our well-being and business practices.

Holistic Approach: Jilly blends spiritual principles with practical business strategies, empowering you to build a success that aligns with your values.

Thriving Community: Jilly fosters a supportive community where you can connect with like-minded individuals on their journeys of transformation.

Personal Transformation: Jilly's own experiences overcoming health challenges and embracing solo adventures inspire and empower you to find your own path.

Multiple Offerings: Whether you seek online courses, personalized coaching, or a space to explore water's spiritual essence, Jilly has something for you.

What people say about me.

Here are comments from our beloved clients

Having Jilly as a mentor has been the potent medicine that I felt like I personally needed in my entrepreneurship journey, and knowing Jilly for three years, and seeing how over the past three years, three, and half years we’ve developed a friendship, a sisterhood, and a business partnership. So being able to allow her in with my goals, with my dreams, with my visions, has been that missing piece that is so, its supportive, and at the sametime its that loving accountability that I also need. One of the things that I can appreciate about Jilly’s mentorship is that she asks you questions. Right, she's not here to baby you, she's here to hold you accountable, she is here to give you that wisdom, and to see you follow through those assignments and I feel like that's one of the biggest, biggest gifts that I could receive from Jilly’s mentorship. 

Patrice Waite - Happy client

Hi, I'm Patrina Wisdom, Abundance Activator and Strategist, creator of Anatomy of Abundance Framework, international best selling author, TEDx speaker, and founder of Pure Abundance Retreat. And I just wanted to show my gratitude for the incredible experience that Jilly put together.

I very much believe in the anti hustle, slowing down and really being in alignment and being intentional about creating your future. And that's where Jillian and I intersect and connect. I was very impressed by the experience as a whole. I definitely suggest anyone out there that is looking for an incredibly powerful and supportive community attend one of Jilly's experiences.

Patrina Wisdom - Happy client

If you are looking for a lovingly, powerful, leading edge mentor Jilly the Water Heiress is your guide. With her unconditional love and WELL crafted systems, I have learned how to build a strong foundation (fountain nation) within my cellpH and within my High ticket affiliate marketing business. We start off with finding my North Star (Goals in life) Then structuring my day, week, month, and year according to the direction of my North Star. My highest month so far was last month which is where I made one thousand dollars. I’m excited about where I am going. 

And the help I am getting from my dear friend and mentor is going to get me there 100% of the way. Once you take the step in the water, Jilly will dive in with you. 

Amy Haaland - Happy client