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What unique challenges do women face in leadership roles, and how can they be addressed?

As women, we are often given an “Identity” in Sales and Marketing. Leadership takes work to confront these biases and change the narrative of these limiting identities. Overcoming these requires fostering inclusive, transparent business cultures and seeking diverse mentorships.

How can emerging female leaders develop their leadership style and in a male-dominated industry like Sales and Marketing?

Female leaders can cultivate a genuine leadership style, originating in authenticity. Advocating for their achievements, and engaging in training focused on a more feminine approach to enhance visibility and impact from a grounded space.

What is the biggest difference in Jilly’s mentorship?

Jilly has a unique approach to mentorship stemming from her professional and personal background. The origination of her work and style begins early in her development, the connection deeply rooted in spiritual and ancestral teachings. They have shaped what she likes to call her “Water Lense” and led her to Hydrated Entrepreneurship. She is ready to help you discover the depths of devocean in your

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